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Discover Why Taylor University’s Program Can Ensure Your Publishing Success in the Real World

Now you can see your name in print during your very first semester in college! That’s because Taylor University’s Professional Writing Major (PWR) is different from any other college-level writing program in the country. Your professors are published writers themselves. They show you exactly what you need to know in order to succeed in the real world of publishing. They’ll introduce you to published writers, literary agents, and acquisition editors who share their specialized knowledge with you.

Published Taylor students

Beginning their freshman year, Taylor students regularly see their bylines in national magazines.

The Best Professional Writing Program Available

When you compare writing majors at various colleges, find the best program by asking these three questions:

  1. How many of my teachers – if any – will be experienced professional writers?
  2. Will I see my byline in print while I’m still in school?
  3. What kind of success in the publishing field can I expect after I graduate?

You can have confidence in the expert professors at Taylor University.  Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, director of the Professional Writing Program since it began in 1997, knows what it takes to succeed. He has published 54 fiction and nonfiction books, more than 150 short stories, and over 3,000 articles. Prior to coming to Taylor, he supported his family for sixteen years as a full-time writer. The other professors in the PWR program are also experienced authors.

You’ll become a published writer your very first semester at Taylor guaranteed. At most colleges, you won’t actually begin working in your major until you’ve completed about half your courses. But at Taylor, you’ll begin studying with Dr. Hensley on the first day of class. Within the first week you’ll learn exactly how to become a professional reviewer of movies, books, and music. Then, courtesy of Dr. Hensley’s network of editorial connections, you’ll receive assignments from national magazines. Before your first month at Taylor is over, you’ll be published. By the time you graduate, you’ll have a large portfolio of published works, proving to the world that you’re an experienced professional writer.

Get valuable experience from successful Taylor grads. Graduates from the Professional Writing Program are enjoying phenomenal success in the publishing field. Now they run magazines, work in public-relation firms, and are making their mark on Hollywood. You can complete your internships and practicums with these successful grads and have an edge in getting a rewarding job yourself after graduation.

Meet students writing and publishing books and articles now

Taylor students getting publishedRyan Dennison and Kara Hackett aren’t waiting to graduate before publishing of articles in various magazines—or getting paid for those articles. It’s part of their professional writing curriculum under the direction of Dr. Dennis E. Hensley. Watch this brief excerpt of the Verbal Edge with host Elizabeth Nulf MacDonald.

Doc and book-writing studentsWith Dr. Hensley’s guidance, students Amy Green and Sarah Sawicki are not only publishing articles, but their writing also appears in books too. Be inspired as you watch this excerpt of the Verbal Edge with host Elizabeth Nulf MacDonald.


In this interview with published Taylor University students Jeremy Paul and Tara Gnagy, we learn that writers get their ideas by watching, listening, reading, and imagining.



Host Elizabeth Nulf MacDonald learns how Taylor University successfully trains young writers who face the daunting obstacle of writer’s block. Interviewed with Dr. Hensley are Meredith Sell from New York and Chandler Birch from Colorado.

Choose the program that will bring you success. Remember this: Every student who completes a course with Dr. Hensley has a 100% chance of being published.

Contact Dr. Hensley today to find out how you can get the best college training available in professional writing.

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